Spanning over 200 hectares and hosting 392,158 solar modules, the Quaid-i-Azam Solar power plant is a 100-MW photovoltaic power station in Punjab province, constructed by TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis Co. Ltd. Sahiwal Coal-Fired Power Plant, also funded by China, has an installed capacity of 1320-MW, encompassing 690 hectares of fertile lands.

Writer and Photographer: Aun Ali Jafri

Sardar Mai

"Why is the government not providing jobs to the unemployed people at the park.? Don’t we have the first right to employment there as the neighbors? [read more]

Usman Ahmed

"Soon after the completion of the Bahawalpur-Solar Park link road and the bridge on the Bahawal Canal, buses and motorcycle-rickshaws began driving on it. The conveyance [read more]

Muhammad Iqbal

"As a representative of the residents of village Chak 6-B.C. (Bahawal Canal) in the local government I can say that we’ve benefited much from the project. [read more]

Muhammad Ilyas

"Contrary to our hopes, no development work has been initiated in our village. We lacked a sewerage system, water supply and health facilities. Water turbines have [read more]

After its publication, the project team has been made aware that the Urdu language text contained within is erroneous, despite concerted efforts to prevent this. We sincerely hope that this error will not interfere with the readers’ appreciation of the content. We intend to ensure that this will be corrected in future editions.

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