The Bangladeshi government has premised energy growth on a rise of coal-based power going from 2% to over 50% of its electricity supply by 2022, with 23,000 megawatts of new coal powered plants in the pipeline. Most of Chinese investment went into the country’s power sector, specifically to coal-based power projects.

Writer and Photographer: Fabeha Monir


"When I was in class four, I had bad results during the final exam time because there was a shortage of electricity supply and I could [read more]

MD. Jihad

"Now, I often spend my time watching foreigners work. They cut all our trees. We no longer have our canal. All our ponds are gone. I [read more]

Sharmean Jahan

"As a banker, I can definitely say that availability of electric supply has quickened our economic growth and broadened our work capacity. Development that took place [read more]

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