The total Investment of Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway is expected to be USD $5.5 billion. In total, about 124,000 villagers have been affected by the construction of this railway. Once completed, the current 3-hour train journey between Jakarta and Bandung will be cut to 1.5 hours.

Writer and Photographer: Iqbal Kusumadirezza

Ibu Cucu

"Many construction labourers and workers must go to the market for their foods and daily needs. I saw an opportunity to open this canteen at that [read more]

Silvi Febrianti

"Today, we can always hear a lot of noise from the construction work and heavy construction tools. It’s very disturbing. They were building the foundation for [read more]

Kang Mulfa

"When there was no money left, I decided to apply for a job on this high-speed rail project, and, luckily, they accepted me. They gave me [read more]

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