Aruna Priyanga Mallikananda

"This highway is very convenient for me. I save a lot of time on the road when I use the Outer Circular Highway. I have more time to spend with my family. Aruna Priyanga Mallikananda 45, businessman Writer: Risidra Mendis; Photographer: Chanaka Nalin [read more]

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Tharushika Wickramasinghe

"When the Highway was to be built in Kadawatha, people began to understand what a highway was. A calculation was made by the relevant authorities, and villagers who were losing land were paid up to ten years of the value of the property. People were happy [read more]

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Nihal Gamini Peiris

"They went ahead with this project without considering the problems that fishermen, like me, will have to face in the future. Why couldn’t the government ask us for our side of the problem? We could have given them answers and solutions about this project.. [read more]

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Niluka Roshani

"My village is good, and the people are good. But the villagers don’t have jobs because they are fishermen. The sea was good, years ago. The fishermen had a good catch and earned well. Niluka Roshani Kapugoda in Western Province Writer: Risidra Mendis; [read more]

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