Ipe Carbonera

"I don’t know the exact source of our water, but based on the news, the climate, particularly the soaring temperatures causes our water resources to dwindle. I am not sure if we will experience the same thing this coming year. Ipe Carbonera 40 years [read more]

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Lemuel S. Fortunado

"If the dam project pushes through, we will be restricted and will lose the freedom to roam our ancestral lands. They will not be ours anymore. This is a happy place right now but might become chaotic when outsiders come in. Lemuel S. Fortunado [read more]

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Mike Santos

"This made me realize the value of water.  Water is life.  It is important that we ensure that people have constant water supply. Mike Santos OIC Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila Writer and Photographer: Gigie Cruz I am Mike Santos, [read more]

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Amy Astoveza

"Who would need a concrete house, if this would entail losing our ancestral land?  I can’t imagine what would happen to my 10 children and my grandchildren if they push us away from our land.  If the project pushes through, what will be left of their [read more]

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Only Clean and Green Belt and Road are Acceptable in the Philippines

"Beijing needs to stop allowing obnoxious overseas investments through its state corporations, industries and banks. It must step in and re-orient its investment policies towards the global climate goal and complement and hasten the environmental policy objectives of host countries, while proactively reaching out to, and listening [read more]

Only Clean and Green Belt and Road are Acceptable in the Philippines2020-08-23T16:29:22+00:00
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