Muhammad Ilyas

"Contrary to our hopes, no development work has been initiated in our village. We lacked a sewerage system, water supply and health facilities. Water turbines have been installed along the canal, where sweet potable subsoil water is available, and supplied to the solar park through a [read more]

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Muhammad Iqbal

"As a representative of the residents of village Chak 6-B.C. (Bahawal Canal) in the local government I can say that we’ve benefited much from the project. Not only have the prices of our lands increased manifold, we are also enjoying better security because of the special [read more]

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Usman Ahmed

"Soon after the completion of the Bahawalpur-Solar Park link road and the bridge on the Bahawal Canal, buses and motorcycle-rickshaws began driving on it. The conveyance problem of me, other boys like me and many more people stood resolved. Usman Ahmed 16 years old, [read more]

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Sardar Mai

"Why is the government not providing jobs to the unemployed people at the park.? Don’t we have the first right to employment there as the neighbors? Why are they hiring people from far off places and not giving a chance to the locals? Is it justice [read more]

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A Solar Energy Opportunity for Growth and Friendship

"...Pakistani people are beneficiaries of solar energy. It has improved the socio-economic conditions of the common people and has enhanced their income and made their lives more comfortable. Solar energy has been a catalyst in poverty eradication. People are happy and grateful to Chinese brothers and sisters [read more]

A Solar Energy Opportunity for Growth and Friendship2020-08-23T16:31:51+00:00
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