Abdul Malek Mosulli

"Last year, at winter season, they forced us to evacuate our village. To save our home, I went and begged to so many places. Nothing happened. They threw us in the road with our families. Within one night, at this age, I become a beggar. [read more]

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Minara Begum

"Now we have nothing. The power plant took away our canal and destroyed our houses. Now, the children cannot go to school. Minara Begum 30 years old, Barankujonpara, Taltoli Writer and Photographer: Fabeha Monir My daughter, Khukumoni, is 13 years old. Last [read more]

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MD. Jihad

"Now, I often spend my time watching foreigners work. They cut all our trees. We no longer have our canal. All our ponds are gone. I used to bathe in the canal and catch fish all the time. Now, I cannot do these things. [read more]

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Sharmean Jahan

"As a banker, I can definitely say that availability of electric supply has quickened our economic growth and broadened our work capacity. Development that took place in the last five years, basically, is the contribution of our government and governmental authorities. Sharmean Jahan Banker, [read more]

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"When I was in class four, I had bad results during the final exam time because there was a shortage of electricity supply and I could not study due to that. During that time, every day, there was two hours of load shedding at day and [read more]

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