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Minara Begum

"Now we have nothing. The power plant took away our canal and destroyed our houses. Now, the children cannot go to school. Minara Begum 30 years old, Barankujonpara, Taltoli Writer and Photographer: Fabeha Monir My daughter, Khukumoni, is 13 years old. Last [read more]

Minara Begum2020-08-30T16:14:32+00:00

MD. Jihad

"Now, I often spend my time watching foreigners work. They cut all our trees. We no longer have our canal. All our ponds are gone. I used to bathe in the canal and catch fish all the time. Now, I cannot do these things. [read more]

MD. Jihad2020-08-23T16:15:38+00:00

Sharmean Jahan

"As a banker, I can definitely say that availability of electric supply has quickened our economic growth and broadened our work capacity. Development that took place in the last five years, basically, is the contribution of our government and governmental authorities. Sharmean Jahan Banker, [read more]

Sharmean Jahan2020-08-23T16:17:10+00:00


"When I was in class four, I had bad results during the final exam time because there was a shortage of electricity supply and I could not study due to that. During that time, every day, there was two hours of load shedding at day and [read more]



"The villagers see strangers measure their own houses and farmlands with equipment they’ve never seen before, and hear people talk about their own rivers and seas in languages they’ve never heard before. Something big is going to happen, for sure. But what? They do not know. [read more]



"Regardless of how some people feel about it, whether they are for, or against, the Belt and Road Initiative, it has begun. It is happening and will continue to happen. This is the truth. There will be benefits and there will be costs. There will be [read more]


Muhammad Ilyas

"Contrary to our hopes, no development work has been initiated in our village. We lacked a sewerage system, water supply and health facilities. Water turbines have been installed along the canal, where sweet potable subsoil water is available, and supplied to the solar park through a [read more]

Muhammad Ilyas2020-08-23T16:49:07+00:00

Ipe Carbonera

"I don’t know the exact source of our water, but based on the news, the climate, particularly the soaring temperatures causes our water resources to dwindle. I am not sure if we will experience the same thing this coming year. Ipe Carbonera 40 years [read more]

Ipe Carbonera2020-08-23T15:32:51+00:00

Nissa Nurmauluddiana

"The train is also one of the more convenient forms of transportation. I'm not complicated, and I don't have to transit anywhere. Compared to others, I clearly prefer trains because, in terms of safety, it is also better than a bus. Nissa Nurmauluddiana 23 [read more]

Nissa Nurmauluddiana2020-08-23T15:55:22+00:00

Aruna Priyanga Mallikananda

"This highway is very convenient for me. I save a lot of time on the road when I use the Outer Circular Highway. I have more time to spend with my family. Aruna Priyanga Mallikananda 45, businessman Writer: Risidra Mendis; Photographer: Chanaka Nalin [read more]

Aruna Priyanga Mallikananda2020-08-23T17:12:41+00:00
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